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AM70 Special event stations


probably most of you have seen these days lots of special callsigns in the air with the AM70 prefix.
We are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the foundation of URE, the IARU spanish representant association.

I am participating in the crew of AM70L, working CW only.
While working many amateurs, every now and then I receive the call from a SOTA chaser or activator.

It is always a pleasure to meet one of this SOTA mates while operating the pile up. Thank you very much for calling in. Perhaps you noticed a send special greetings if that was the case.

I have uploaded a special video on youtube about this SES and I share it with you here:

(engage the english subtitles on if you want to understand my speech)

The equipment shown in the video is the one at my QTH. That’s what I use to chase SOTA, except I don’t use the tube amplifier for that purpose. I frequently chase straight with 15 watts from the KX3.

This morning I was back on air from Sota EA2/NV-108 and I found activating on the mountains much more relaxing, hi!

73 and see you soon


Congrats Ignacio!!!
Very nice photo!

You are doing a great job over there in EA country. I have all 14 letters on 7 and 14MHz, now chasing missing letter ¨P¨ on 10 and 18MHz. I hope to get them. They are very hard to get with low activity and very weak signals. I have only two wire antennas, end fed and 7MHz dipole which are very low above ground level. I have 37 spanish provinces worked, hope to get 3 more, HI.

73, Milos S57D

Great! Also worked Manuel, @EA2DT while he operated under AM70 :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Hi John
Manuel @EA2DT is activing AM70L only SSB :slight_smile:
73 Eric

Confirmed, Manuel is doing SSB in this event. In fact you can hear him on my video, in the Voice section of AM70L.
I think anyone in this group can distinguish his familiar voice…

I added two new antennas up in my roof for this event: an EFHW for 30m and a GP for 80m: both wire antennas are homebrewed and based on my past experiences in SOTA! They seems to be working fine. It is great to test gear in the mountains and apply that in the QTH. The efforts I did worth it.

Cheers, 73 de Ignacio