AM weekend 31/3-1/4

As in the last few years this is about a weekend in which AM operation is planned. The idea is to revisit the sound of AM if you possibly can. Coordinate locally and arrange to have others activate on AM, even for just one contact. AM sounds different to SSB (and of course, CW :slight_smile: ).
In past years we have had a number of operators join in, and existing AM nets here in VK were quite excited by the prospect of a few extra contacts coming up on their usual frequency of 7.125. If there is an AM net operating in your area, make contact with them and find out whether they would welcome checkins from SOTA operators.

As a guide, the FT817, IC703 and the KX3 have been used for AM very successfully in the past. Obviously lots of rigs can transmit and receive AM very well. Join in the fun. May the ionosphere cooperate!

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


The AM days will also,see a number of vk activators trying 160m mostly on the saturday evening.

Hoping for participation by NA and EU activators too.

This is of course the Easter weekend. In some countries this is a three or four day weekend. But the AM activity is proposed only for saturday and sunday.

Nostalgia is not so passé.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH