Am I getting out?

Before most activations, I normaly take a note of the number of hits on my page. I find a very useful tool and a good guide as to whether I’m getting out or not.

On Tuesday afternoon, at the end of my activation of G/SP-013 Gun, working the 10m band, I had received a staggering 800 hits on my qrz page!

The power of SOTA and the DX Cluster?

73 Mike

Nothing like a good DX pile-up for generating hits on I wonder whether the ratio of hits to QSOs says anything useful? :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

Yes you do certainly get out, I was listening to you on Tuesday with your multi DX contacts. I could hear you in SW Scotland (with my low aging dipole surrounded by phone cables) about 50% of the time I was listening but maybe a 2 2 at best so didn’t even bother trying for a QSO.

Keep up the good work Mike, Mike the Ambassador.

73 Neil

Had a listen for you Mike in my back yard on 10m but no copy in vk5. 40m has just started to come good again this week after the solar activity from the last flare. My summits have run out for now until after summer I don’t like to activate summits I have already been to for the season as I like to get points for my activations in my quest for MG . the ZL beacon on 20m was not strong tonight and I could hardly copy the JA beacon on 15m so condx are not that good but we do have some low level am cbers on 28mhz tonight and I worked Mike F5IN on 10m cw tonight.
73 all de Ian vk5cz…

Hi Ian,

The 10m band seems to have a mind of its own. There was some exotic DX calling me from the East on both Tuesday and Wednesday, but I was struggling to hear it. However, no problem working North and South America…

All noted on the 20m beacons. The 20m band has been down in the mornings, making contacts into VK much tougher. The VK SOTA party on the 15th should be a good test of conditions. Hope you’ll be listening. I’ll be activating a unique for VK, jointly with David M0YDH.

73 Mike

you mention this Mike

I have noticed of late when you find a sota on air its getting quite busy more often no matter the band there on I have noticed of late but love your kit operation vid or picys please

Shocked this morning upon checking the alerts and spots that YYY not to be seen! Perhaps taking a day off to do some data entry?
73 from Merle & Herm

Dumb question, but how do you display the daily hits on your QRZ page? All I see on mine are total lookups.

thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU

Hi Barry,
I take a note of the number of hits on my qrz page just before I leave to activate a summit and then see what the new total is when I return.

73 Mike

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Hi Merle and Herm.

Was considering an activation, however, the wx looks a bit dodgy on this side of the pond.
Although much better wind conditions for a kite today.
You’re not wrong about the data entry :wink:
Thanks for all the calls from NH over the last few days…

73 Mike

He will be at home answering all the QSL cards that he has received. That’ll keep him off the hills for a couple of months I’d have thought. I heard you on Tuesday Mick via a Facebook feed in New York. Very modern of me I thought!

800 hits Mike? Jeez… I only have 1300 TOTAL!

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