Alone with a lot of snow & ice on Monte Rotondo I/AB-020

Today thanks to a permit from work I had the opportunity today to escape from the city, the forecasts weren’t the best, by the afternoon the arrival of a perturbation was expected which would have brought rain and snow. So I left Rome early and decided as a destination a beautiful mountain in Abruzzo, Monte Rotondo I/AB-020 with a height of 2062 metres.

In about an hour by car I reached the plain of Campo Felice where the feeling starts, this is a ski area but the lifts are still closed so I was practically alone walking on the ski slopes. In about 2 hours I reached the summit, the view was splendid … lots of snow everywhere and the sky full of clouds that was occasionally illuminated by the sun.

As I went up the snow got harder and harder and on the summit I had to wear crampons for all the ice I found on the top of the mountain.

At the top I found a very strong and icy wind and it was not easy to mount my fishing rod antenna on the summit cross full of ice. I only made 14 qsos, it was too cold and due to the wind I couldn’t even manipulate the cw well.

Furthermore, the weather, as indicated by the forecasts, was rapidly changing, so I disassembled everything and started descending. On the descent, a light snow began to fall, making the panorama even more magical. For me it’s the first time I’ve done a winter activation on the snow alone, and it was beautiful but also strange, with an incredible feeling of extreme freedom. Coming back down I found the first bar open in the winter season where a good beer and a sandwich made me a really happy man. A beautiful day, while I’m writing now in Rome it’s raining and I have even more the sense of having enjoyed a unique moment.


Winter is coming!

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.
Scott WB8ICQ

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Sounds like a perfect way to round off a special activation. You paint the picture of a contented soul! Thanks for a lovely report and photos.

73, Matthew M0JSB


Dear Matthew
it’s true, often the final part of an activation or a trip to the mountains is also very very important, we should make a thread on how to “close” the day in a perfect way :slight_smile:


Ti ho cercato ma non ti sentivo. Peccato. Comunque bravo e bel paesaggio.

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