Almost a perfect day (with broken car..) on Monte Costone I/AB-007

Today was the first sunny day after weeks of rain or thunderstorms that transformed Rome into a city during the Monsoon. Together with Luca @IZ0FYL I therefore decided that it was an opportunity to take a trip to the mountains with Sota activation. We chose Monte Costone I/AB-007, a beautiful 2271 m high peak in the Campo Felice area about an hour’s drive from Rome. The choice is also influenced by the presence of a nice refuge (Rifugio Sebastiani) where you can stop for lunch.

We reached the top in about an hour and a half of walking with an ascent of 660 meters. On the top I installed my fishing rod antenna and Luca experimented with a very small loaded antenna. The propagation was bad in Hf, there was a “minor solar flare” and therefore it was not easy to make qso, in the end I connected 12 qso and Luca 5.

We then went down to the refuge for a cold beer and an excellent lunch .

Here is my Qrpp Cw beacon received on the top of the summit

On the way back, the day wasn’t over yet for surprises, my KIA car stopped in the middle of the highway to Rome and a tow truck came to save us. From a workshop in the middle of nowhere we then took a local train which finally brought us back to Rome. Overall a beautiful day but full of surprises!

73 de IW0HK Andrea


Hello Andrea @IW0HK and Luca @IZ0FYL. I was wondering if I should put a “like” here after reading everything :wink: Everything sounds perfect until after the beer and lunch. The car breakdown is not so nice, of course. But good that you got help quickly and got home safely :+1: I hope the KIA is back in your garage. It’s nice that you still had a successful activation.

73 Marcel DM3FAM