After 6 months of steady progress, I am nearing my first SOTA activation via CW mode. My goal for my First MG (hihi) is to use all VHF in obtaining that distinction. If one were to use VHF for the first 4 QSOs and then switch to HF/CW mode for the remainder of the activation would that invalidate the all VHF status?


If the all VHF status were to be lost using HF another option would be 6m CW but I do not see many using it on activations. Any guidance on 6m CW operations welcome!


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It’s really simple…

If you want to claim all VHF mountain goat you need to be able to show that you had 4 or more VHF contacts for each summit you claim the points. It doesn’t matter what else you worked in an activation HF, LF whatever, all that matters is you had at least 4 VHF QSOs.

Luckily the awards checker can figure this out.


I would think if you wanted to work towards a 6m only score with 4 qso on every activation you would need to have 4 very keen chasers you could contact on every activation you did to make 1000 points. Possible maybe but a very hard task. Think about what your average score overall is in points per activation for the summits available to you to activate. My mountain goat journey took 7.5 years of my time with 265 summit visits with an over all average of 3.78 points per activation. The other limitation I can see is if your 4 faithful chasers can hear you on all the summits you visit 6m can be fickle. Good luck and a great challenge.
Ian vk5cz …

Haha! I didn’t make myself clear. I’ve been working towards MG with 2m VHF only but wanted to add 6m/FM/CW/SSB to my tool kit for difficult VHF activation spots. I recently had my first “0” QSO activation from a spot that I thought would work but I planned for a long afternoon. The 6m will supplement 2m. I think 6m only to MG would be quite a feat!