AlexLoop to AlexLoop S2S

I connected with WA2USA (W4C/CM-036 8pts) today from W2/GC-107 (8pts) on 20M cw. We were both using AlexLoop antennas! I still giggle when I think of actually making contacts with that tiny thing :wink:

I know there are a few AlexLoops being used on SOTA activations. Have two of them connected before S2S? (has an activator using an AlexLoop contacted another activator using an AlexLoop before?) AlexLoop2AlexLoop S2S!

Barry N1EU

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Barry I believe there several OKs regularly using AlexLoops (OK1DVM for sure, OK1DIG?, OK1MLP?, etc). I would be surprised if they had not had multiple S2S QSOs. Miro DVM has such a consistent signal on 20m I know I can always work him if he shows on 20m.

73, Bill W4ZV

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David CT1DRB uses one. I’ve worked him several times loop to Buddistick clone with both of us using FT817 and 5W. CW of course. But not S2S, summit to home QTH.


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Hi Barry, I am using the Alex loop with KX3 for about seven months now.
I have worked you and many other NA stations on 20/17/15/12 and 10m.
Over 3000 SOTA contacts completed with this setup and many S2S.

73’s Dan / OK1DIG