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Alert TF/SV-023

With database down, it is not possible to post alerts. I am planning to activate TF/SV-023 around 1100 utc today (25/01/18). This is a 2+3 point summit. I plan to use FT8 at 14.074 MHz. Callsign is TF3EK/P. I expect temperatures below -10 C, so I may not last very long on the summit.
If the computer does not work in the cold, I will try SSB-14.310 MHz


Hi Einar
Will look out for you on FT8 20M and on ssb



Ignore: “Alerts and spots should still be OK … http://www.sotawatch.org/ seems fine. It’s http://www.sotadata.org.uk/ that’s down, so you won’t be able submit logs at the moment.”

Turns out you can’t post an alert afterall!

Hope the activation goes well.


Looking on 14310 for you tnx for FT8 contact.

Tried to post an alert, it did not recognize the association.

Thanks for the the QSO. It was not as cold as I expected but little more wind. My pole kept collapsing, but I still managed to get 7 QSO :slight_smile:

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I just looked at Iceland’s SOTA map and drooled. I have never considered traveling primarily for playing radio, but Iceland makes me want to lots. I’ve been wanting to visit for a couple years anyway, but this is just more incentive.