Aiming for a peak or two near Cardiff on 29 March 2016

I am making the rounds of universities with my daughter - tomorrow Cardiff, the next day Bristol. While in the area, I’m keen to make some contacts from Wales, as it’s a new DXCC entity for me. Two close-in hills appear to be Garth Hill (GW/SW-034) and Craig-yr-Allt (GW/SW-037). Our current plan is to check out Cardiff Univ. in the morning and then drive out to Garth Hill. I have an FT817 and end-fed dipole for 40m/20m/10m, and will try VHF as well. If that goes well, the weather holds, and if I can convince my daughter that what we really want to do is activate another hill, we may also try Craig-yr-Allt, which is close by. Any suggestions are welcome. 73 - Jack MW/AI4SV

Hi Jack

Sorry can’t help you with these summits as I have not activated them yet, however, if you follow this link Phil G4OBK has some guidance re these two.

Good luck with your activations and Uni visits.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Good choice Jack.
Some more reports for you here:

Those are two good summits for contemplation of the Taff valley and its importance in the industrial revolution. I mean just look down at all the routes squeezed into it. At one time there were 4 competing rail routes and a canal, plus the river. Now only 1 line survives, but the remains of the Barry Railway viaduct are still impressive. The A470 road, now taking much of the space,is nothing to write home about, but it holds the promise of the fine open countryside to the north.

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Jack - I am 20 miles west of Cardiff near the costal resort of Porthcawl.
I am sure you will find Cardiff a very pleasant compact city with lots of green spaces.
Will be looking out for you on 40m if the skip prevails.
Blue skies & mild at the moment - the rain/winds have gone.

Epilogue: Thanks all for advice. I did get to Garth Hill and set up an extendable mast using one of the trail posts just to the side of the summit for support. Great weather on the way up, followed by some intense concentration on 40m and 20m. When I glanced towards Cardiff, I saw a solid wall of rain heading my way. I pulled everything down and got to the car just as it hit. I sort of wish that I had waited it out, because it turned out to be relatively brief, but there was no shelter up there and I would have been soaked to the skin. In the end, I had 19 contacts. I had really hoped to put out the call on VHF, but weather forced my hand. I’m not sure when, but I hope I can return in the next couple years to pick up a few more peaks in the Welsh countryside. 73 - Jack AI4SV / 5R8SV

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