After 100 times DM/NS-163 my first eco-friendly

Until then I always reached the Hammersteinshöhe DM/NS-163 by car. 50 minutes driven and 20 minutes on foot over 50 meters in altitude. From the house to the summit without traffic jams in about 70 minutes. I have covered a total of 5000km by car for this summit.

Yesterday I finally put my environmental concerns into action. Together with Uwe DK8OA we took the train. The travel time without delay approx. 80 minutes, the ascent over 180 meters in altitude still 45 minutes.

So 1 hour longer on the way. But with a clear conscience.

73 Chris


Well done Chris! Thanks for posting this. Environmental impact is something we should all consider. No trains where I live, so I will stick with the :bike: where possible.

73, Fraser


Hello Chris @DL1CR and Uwe @DK8OA. Thank you for this report. It makes me think about the mountains around me.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Thanks for the S2S Chris and Uwe!

Coincidentally my trip to the Patscherkofel near Innsbruck was also mostly by train. I started near Stroud in the UK :smiley:

We did take a taxi with the luggage across Paris, and had a taxi to our accommodation on arrival in Innsbruck. Oh, and we drove by car to the station in the UK, but that was at least electric!

I’m not sure I can call it eco travelling that far for a SOTA summit, and maybe a big cable car is not that environmentally friendly? But anyway, I thought you might enjoy knowing public transport was (mostly) used for the other end of your eco S2S!

(We are actually here for a family holiday and having a lovely time in Innsbruck!)


Great work @DL1CR Chris, it was nice to make your log :slight_smile:

I look forward to your next green adventure!

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Thank you for your friendly replies.

Here is an estimate of my Sota eco-balance

Almost 600 activations in 6 years.
Almost all summits in the vicinity can be reached by car and the driving distance is mostly 100km there and back.
Total distance 60000km
Fuel consumption Toyota Hybrid 2700 liters
CO2 emission 6.6 tons or 1.1 tons per year.

The average emission of greenhouse gases in Germany per person and year is 11 tons. Global emissions of less than 1 ton per year would be climate neutral. That’s roughly the amount I’ve additionally created by activating.

Not nice,
73 Chris