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Advice on an easy activation in Scotland please anyone

Hi All
I am going to Scotland in a few weeks taking the XYL to the Edinburgh Tattoo (26th and leaving 27th Aug) we are staying near Motherwell. I was wondering if there was any quick and easy activation’s near there or on our way back south to Telford (England). My XYL is no hill walker so I need an easy walk. If any one has any ideas (and don’t say trade her in lol I already thought of that). A quick look over my shoulder lol, thew she isn’t here.

Thanks up front if you can help ?

Hello Paul.

We spent some time in the area and found two hills fairly close to M74 which might be suitable.

Dungavel Hill SS-165 - steep but short
Lamington Hill SS-172 - easy walking but further.

I would suggest Dungavel if you leave XYL with the car; Lamington if she feels like a pleasant wander in the countryside. Several comments on both either here or in personal blogs or walking websites.

As Richard says, Lambrigg Fell (M6 J37) or Hutton Roof Crags (M6 J35/36)

The day you visit Edinburgh, you could activate Arthurs seat gmss272, your xyl could visit the Scottish parliament building or holyrood palace. It’s a very busy summit, and is advisable to get the permission to use the radio.

Not exactly radio related but if you are staying for a few days have a look at historic Scotland s site at the Explorer pass, may save you some money if you are visiting.

Cairnpapple SS-254 is between Motherwell and Edinburgh and a trivial walk, with views over the Forth.

A little further off the M6 is Little Mell Fell LD-037 - short but steep walk.

Cairnpapple is easy, 10mins to the trig. Last time I was there the fields were free of cattle. There’s an obvious car park at the foot of the neighbouring hill, The Knock. I wouldn’t leave a nice car in that car park for long. Shall we say it has less than desirable clients from the used syringes and condoms I found there last time. :scream: Shame, because the views are really good for zero effort.

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Agreed about the car park: when we did it a few years ago the car park seemed OK when we arrived, but by the time we returned after the activation a whole load of stuff had been fly-tipped, but thankfully our car was as we left it. I was hoping that was a one-off!


yes, Cairnpapple Hill SS-254 was going to be my first suggestion and a very easy walk. There are also a few hills immediately south of Edinburgh in The Pentlands. Quite steep approaches for a non-hillwalker but short walks and well established paths GM/SS-171 Allermuir Hill might be the easiest with good views north over the Capital. Best to start from Castlelaw Hill Fort an Iron Age settlement.

For Arthurs Seat GM/SS-272 you need to ask permission from the Holyrood Park Rangers before using a radio in the Park, but I know of no one who has been denied permission to broadcast, just a formality. The top is a short but quite a steep walk from Dunsapie Loch car park, so the summit is typically busy at any time of day with tourists and runners! There is a large flat area of grass just to the south of the summit which would allow use of a large HF antenna and is in the activation zone.



Hi All
sorry for the late reply to you all but thank you very much for the advice. I have not made a final choice yet but I will be getting at least one of them done fingers crossed.