Add Goggle Nose to your Activation Experience!

Just another dimension to enhance your SOTA activations. And not just for 1 pointers but captured field aromas from 10 pointers also can be saved to Google and then shared with other Activaters and Chasers! Google Nose captured smells work best after transmitting for at least 5 minutes. There is no real difference between dipole or vertical configurations according to my tests. And like most antenna use, the aromas are enhanced when antenna SWR’s are below 2:1 and at least QRP (5 watt)RF outputs to the antenna.

See: Introducing Google Nose - YouTube

So don’t let that special summit field aroma escape! Capture it with your smartphone and then share it with subsequent Activators/Chasers and, of course, potential, new SOTA Activators and Chasers. Make your Activation an unforgettable smell experience!

Happy Smells, Guy/N7UN

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Its only April Fools Day until 12 Noon…so you just missed it.


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Russ, not everybody lives in England. I know, it will surprise a few people but there are other countries with other time zones. The hint being the N7 prefix! :wink:

'twas 0809EST when Guy posted that.


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If he has any sense he will realise the response is from England.

The hint being the M6 prefix :slight_smile:

Russ x