Activity from F6HBI/P 16 and 17/12/2010

Hello all,
Yesterday 16/12/2010 i have been on SOTA F/AM-375 la Pointe des 4 Cantons which is also WFF:FFF-140. It was so freezing that we made a fire with branches of dead trees.
I am not sure i can read what i laid down the log such my hand was shaking!!!

Today 17/12/2010 I was on SOTA F/AM-461 which is also WFF:FFF-146; the wx was: snowing and strong wind.

Anyway i enjoyed all the qso’s and will carry on climbing for Sota with the 15kg on my back! 73’s all. Gerald F6HBI

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Hi Gérald

Thank you very much for the two summits, a real pleasure to QSO you there!
I remember in the past (+ / - 1970) I spent two years in a row to Rimplas in summer holidays. I kept very good memories of the region, It’s pretty steep !!
Congratulations for your courage. Here in Paris it was best weather.

See you soon


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Hola! Gerald
Very glad to meet you from both summits. Yes, winter is cold on summit :-).
All the best and see you next time on a S2S.
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2011.
Andre - f5ukl

In reply to F5UKL André and F5JKK Eric:

Eric, i have never been to Rimplas. May be next Sota i will go there and take some photo’s.
André, i think my next Sota will be next year now, unless i get a Sota Fever during the night!!!

I have uploaded the logs to Lotw, E-Qsl, Sota Database, and the French WFF manager will do it for me at as well. There are may be some mistake because i have some probleme to read what i wrote yesterday during the mini storm!

73’s all from south of France

In reply to F6HBI:
The most important is rhat you wrote f5ukl/qrp. It is a joke!
Best 73/44
Andre - f5ukl