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Activators Beware

Fellow Activators

Please be aware that as of yesterday it appears that failure to put adequate signals into certain parts of the country, if it comes to the notice of the Chaser Police, may result in summary Trial By Reflector. Not being available to defend yourself and complete lack of any credible evidence against you is no impediment to the Court carrying out it’s solemn duty. Punishment is by public ridicule, and will be applied whether you are guilty or not.

You have been warned.

73 de Paul G4MD


In reply to G4MD:
As Francis Urqhuart would say ‘I couldn’t possibly comment’ as I’m officially not reading this reflector (a few e-mailed to say I should but I can’t sorry. ) but XYL says I can do an activation Tuesday if wx ok : so I’m drying out the wet string and it will be HH 4m only.

‘Won’t say where and won’t say when’ but we’ll meet again if its a sunny day !

Roger G4OWG