Activator QSO Points "Dry Pile" Award

I guess the question is if an activator works the pile dry but the pile is 5 people versus a pile of 60, is that any different? I can’t really see how you’d differentiate between them enough to be able to score fairly.

We’re always happy to listen to new ideas, but the devil is always in the details :slight_smile:

You might be asked to include “working the pile” when the number is 1 or 2.

A nondescript one pointer with 1 contact in light rain and half an hour of calling. Head for an early lunch and don’t go back.

When it’s a 10 pointer with bonus and you sidestepped in 2 m of snow up the side of a ski slope to the ridge line and the net result was 2 contacts you have to take solace in the view.

Done both.

If you do follow up I recommend a 12 m pole.


“I fully expect to continue to activate summits just for the fun of it” …Mike/WB2FUV

That’s it, Mike! I’m lucky enough to live 15-minutes from the trail head to Mt Herman (W0C/FR-063) where I can hike 900-vertical feet in about an hour and be SOTA activating with chaser friends!

When the Covid lockdown hit early in 2020 I decided who the heck needs to travel to different peaks “just for the points”. Hence I’ve activated FR-063 (61) times in 2020. Once for 4-points and 60-times for the “fun of it” The hike is like a mediation and the summit is a fellowship reunion with Chaser friends! Not to mention a chance to test a new gear, antenna or just the healing effect of sitting and watching the clouds and listening to the birds while enjoying your lunch! It’s all body/mind/soul therapy!

SOTA is so much more than points it’s many things on so many levels! …the “chase for points” is just the book’s cover the real reward (awards) lie in savoring every word and chapter of an unending story.


This. This a million billion zillion times. :+1:

Presumably there were 3 more points if one of those activations was in the winter period? </pedantic> :wink:

I activate for love of radio and hiking-health benefits. Many days are burned up traveling too and from the SOTA summit so my only chance for fitness that day is when at the summit. I have a loose rule that if it’s a drive up I will hike a mile up from parking spot or park at top and hike a mile away then back before activating. I know that SOTA is accommodating for those who may not be physically able to hike up to summits and that is a great thing!

I just turned 51 and since starting SOTA last June I have hammered myself into the best shape since my 20s! A low QSO count in some cases does not mean just claiming points. As I am attempting all VHF MG I’ve spent hours driving/hiking up to a summit setting up my gear and calling CQ for hours sometimes not attaining 4 QSOs to claim points. I love it either way, it just makes me rethink my setup and technique. I have heard some suggest SOTA activating is like Fly-Fishing especially on VHF. You may have not caught anything but the experience is priceless.


Erik currently in a Ohio snowstorm with no possibility of activating until mid-week!

Stone Mountain! I’ve hiked up that several times before I started SOTA. I cannot wait to get that one in the logs. I’m just waiting for a overnight layover in ATL or PDK to run over and activate.