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Where do I go to check activator Logs? I have only been working SOTA a short while and already have 2 unconfirmed QSOs.

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I found the activator Logs. I was Logged as K0JU in one and K0IJ in another. K0JU is one of the most common mistakes with my call. If these are not corrected how do they affect my SOTA points going forward?

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If these are not corrected how do they affect my SOTA points going forward?

They don’t affect anything.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database manager.

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Hi Mark,

It is on the honor system, and chaser logs do not need to have an exact match (“confirmed”) for your points to count.

Some people send an email to the person asking them to correct the call sign in their log. I’ve done this once, but generally don’t worry about it.

The more active you are, the more recognizable your call sign will become. I can understand how your call sign can get entered incorrectly - my guess is that it was written down correctly (on paper, on a mountaintop, in less than ideal conditions sometimes), but when they got home, they misread what they have written. Been there. My handwriting is not the best when I am activating a summit…



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Hi Mark! Great to meet you on the air today as I was activating Pt 8336 (W6/CT-051). I had you down in the log at 2013 with an RST of 579. Thanks for chasing me today. Go Red Sox!

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Hi Mark,

Concur with Linda regarding writing down info in my Activator log whilst on top of a mountain. Returning back to the ‘shack’ and transferring info into my .xls/cvs file I’m often double/triple checking my scribbles in an attempt to be accurate - hi!

Suppose the ‘down’ side of your call is that the O = 0 and 1 = I. Something to think about when you chose/allocated a callsign - hi, hi!

And welcome to the world of SOTA.


Jack (;>J

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I put a line under a figure one and a dot over an i and a line through a zero and I find this works well for me on those potentially ambiguous characters.

Nick G4OOE

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Appreciate your effort. Am an AT end2end and many many VT LT end2end all seasons (snowshoes and X-country ski. Previous long time Bay Area resident. Yankee and Oakland Raiders fan. Looking forward to my own SOTA activations when snow covers the hills.