Activator, Chaser, and Spotter

Yesterday I learned that there exists a third category besides activators and chasers: I saw that I was spotted by G8EMO who seems to be neither an activator nor a chaser.
Without his spot I would almost have failed to reach the 4 mandatory contacts before I had to leave the summit.
Thank you to all spotters!

Andy DK7MG

In reply to DK7MG:

Hi Andy,

Gordon G8EMO is also licensed as G4FGJ under which call chaser records are to be found. Some of us in the UK hold two or more callsigns and we use our calls in different ways. Many people do not differentiate between calls, but some of us split our operations between calls, for example you will work Dave G6DTN on HF, but he uses M0DFA on VHF.

The spotters that I very much appreciate are those that hear me when I am on a summit, put on a spot for my benefit and that of other chasers, then fail to work me themselves. The equivalent of unsung heroes in SOTA terms.

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to DK7MG:
There is actually a potential award for those who just listen: It’s the SWL category. You gain points by writing down and submitting exchanges between activators and chasers. Since you don’t need a ham license to do this, and since there are even SDRs on the web, you can even participate in SOTA without a radio - or with just a scanner or short wave receiver.

In reply to LA9XSA:

Indeed there is, and I am always more than happy to accept new or updated logs to tommyread ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com. Who knows, if we get a big surge in SWL log submissions, it might encourage Andy to integrate the section into the Database :wink:

Tom M1EYP / G-20843