Activator and S2S

Hello activators

When you are on a summit, and when another activator calls you for a S2S, remember that he often don’t have acces to the SOTAwatch; so he doesn’t know where you are, and of course if you are on a summit or not. So pse, don’t forget to send your SOTA reference.
Yesterday, I called 2 /P stations (not easy thru the pile up); I sent my REF but got no REF in the reply. When I was back home, I saw that they were on a summit.
I don’t know if the S2S is OK since I didn’t copy the reference and I got it on the reflector.

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:
According to the rules, getting the REF directly in the QSO is not a “condition sine qua non”. Important is a valid QSO, which means mutually confirmed exchange of callsigns and signal reports, IMHO. Getting the REF is nice but not absolutely necessary.
Thanks for the eyeball QSO at Ham Radio, Alain.
73, Ruda OK2QA

In reply to F6ENO:
Hi Alain, I thing you were out of luck yesterday. I usually give the SOTA Ref. when I get it to /p station. But I agree with you, operators should listen and thing about it and not send 599 TU only.
Jirka OK1DDQ