Activations today and Call sign not in QRZ database?

Activated two summits today in the “Pennsylvania Wilds” under ice blue skies and brilliant sun 28*F and strong winds.

First up is Clinton County high point a easy <1 mile hike up a steep gasline cut.


Had one cross-Atlantic with F4WBN at 5W on 10M!!! I used the IC-705 20 QSOs in total.

Next up Tamarack Benchmark about 40 minutes away it’s only been activated 3x (2 by me) This is close to as remote as you can get in the mid-Atlantic and is my favorite PA summit so far. 3.7 miles hiking with 620’ vertical all on a nice fire-road. The summit has a really nice setup for activating.


On this activation I also used the IC-705 and thought had my first Japan QSO with JH1MXV on 10m but no ham corresponds with that call sign??? I was digging deep to copy them and was 99% sure I got it. Sorry if that was you!

Edit! My autocorrect was changing to MXB! MXV does exist!!! Thanks Hatori first Japan QSO.

On drive home (in dark) I came around a dark corner and spotted these guys

Some of Pennsylvania’s rare Elk! Very cool to finally see them.




I believe you got Hatori Hideo-san, JH1MXV. His email is: and he’d would gladly reply to email on your QSO. Really good dude.

Matt W7MDN


Hi Erik,
Thank you for this contact on 10 meters at night at almost 21:30 local time! Congratulations on your 5W.
Best Regards,