Activations in Chartreuse (F/AB- Region)

Hi everyone,

We’re going to climb Dent de Crolles tomorrow. As we planned to visit the caves up there I’ll be doing only a brief activation.
Hope to cu tmw…
73, Roman - F/DL3TU


Hello Roman,
The weather predicts a sunny day with some clouds, no rain.
Temperature at the summit (2062m) 17 ° c with 10 to 12km / h wind.
Car parking: Col du Coq (1434m).
The classic easy hike goes through the climb to the “Col des Ayes” (1538m) and climb to the summit by the “Pas de l’Oeille” (path on the right) (2hours) .Then walk down the plateau to the north (1 hole to see) and come back (left) by the “Trou du Glaz” (cave).

The access to the caves “Annette” and “Chevalier” by the “Pas des Terreaux” is much more technical with risks of falls of stone (not for children).
Attention : exploration of the caves of “Dent de Crolles” is very technical and requires a very good level speleology and equipment.

Happy hike and take care
73, de Bruno , F6HHK
SOTA Region manager F/AB (France/ Alpes-Mont Blanc)


Thanks a lot, Bruno!
Your advice especially regarding the caves was very valuable. We took extra care in order to avoid any dangerous passage. So we ascended from Col des Ayes via Pas de l’ OEille to the summit. Then took the round trip to Trou du Glaz Grotte, which was ok with just our hiking equipment and some torches.
A more detailed report will follow later today or tomorrow.
Again mni tnx, 73,
Roman - F/DL3TU/p

Hi everyone,

my next activation is scheduled for August 26th: F/AB-336 (Chamechaude, 8 pts).
Also on the list is F/AB-424 (Roc d’Arguille, 6 pts) and F/AB-430 (Bec Charvet, 4 pts), which will happen most likely on Tue or Wed next week.

Hope to cu then…
73, Roman - F/DL3TU/p

Hello Roman,

For August 26th : sunny day, no rain but more cold than last week : forecast on top Chamechaude (2082m) : 4°C at 08h and 13°c at 14h, wind 10-15km/h.

There are many ways to climb Chamechaude, the more easy (like Dent de Crolles) with children is : parking Col de Porte (1324m) and go on the path. After the forest take care : stay on the path. At the end there is a cable to cross rocks. About 2 hours for the ascent.

Roc d’Arguille (1768m) is more easy (1h). Parking col du Coq (same Dent de Crolles). The more beautiful : climb by Col des Ayes (same Dent de Crolles) but turn left and go to the little pass at 1696m. Then climb Roc d’Arguille, get around “lapiaz” by the top. There can be cows or sheeps seating on the SOTA summit … Then go around and descent by the Habert de Pravouta (shelter), more beautiful on the evening, go on path to meet again the parking (Col du Coq).

Bec Charvet : the top is very little used, less pretty than Dent de Crolles

I would prefer : le Charmant Som F/AB-389 (45min) : parking Chalets du Charmant Som (1669m) via Col de Porte or La Pinéa F/AB-603 (1h) same road but parking before at Oratoire d’Orgeval : funny and easy peak to climb with children even it seems impressive. But the peak is too narrow for a dipole, prefer vertical like MP-1.

Note : there is a shortcut : a very small, abrupt and narrow road to go from Col du Coq to St Hugues de Chartreuse : but beautiful : need good brakes and drive slowly ! The church at St Hugues must to see, it is decorated by Chagall !

Happy holidays and hikes and take care
73, de Bruno, F6HHK
SOTA Region manager F/AB

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errata and news :

  1. not Chagall, but Arcabas … (note : Arcabas is dead August 23th 2018)
    open : 10-13h and 14-18h
    go to : Le musée

  2. the small road from Col du Coq to St Hugues is closed : (landslide)

bruno, F6HHK

… thanks Bruno!
I noticed that the road “behind” Col du Coq was closed when we went to Dent de Crolles.
But we already changed our plans and shall visit the church in St. Hugues this afternoon. We’ll be staying on a camping site nearby for the next days.
I also put la Pinea on my wishlist. Let’s see how I can squeeze it in :wink:
Two years ago we climbed Charmant Som from the east (5 or 6 pitches) but didn’t do an activation. Maybe this year again there is not enough time…

Hope to cu from the summits!
73, Roman - F/DL3TU/p