Activation w3/we-005

This was my first solo activation. I left around 6 a.m. local (1100z) and was set up on Gross Hollow Mtn. with a K1 and dipole at about 10:30 a.m. local. Other than some snowy dirt roads to my start point, it was an easy approach. It was cold, about -10c, and I didn’t see another soul.

I appreciate everyone who checked in and for everyone’s patience with my first attempt. I was not expecting so many callers and was grateful for the practice in picking calls out of the jumble. I also discovered that I need a better paper logging system. I had a blast and will definitely be making another run before the winter is out. In all, 29 QSOs, including some DX.

Here’s a short video I put together (I would have liked to have recorded more QSOs but didn’t have enough hands free. That’s something else I discovered. Next time I’ll just set the camera up and let it run).

Thanks again to everyone and 73,

Great work John.
Keep them coming.