Activation video OE/OO-028 Stubwieswipfel with snow shoes


A short video of todays winter activation. My first time hiking with snow shoes worked pretty well.
This time just with 2m handheld to save weight.

Snow levels at the summit about 1 m
at the cable car summit station about 50 cm

In the log:

It was great fun having such amazing weather. Thank you to all chasers!

73’s de Joe


Sorry to bring it up again. Had to repair the Youtube link. Did not show a preview anymore.
Was there a change in the reflector software recently?

73, Joe

Yes, a big set of software changes took place over the last 48hrs.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Saw your buddy pull his skins, must have had a few nice turns on the way back down. Congrats on first time snowshoeing, and combining with SOTA.

Mark / K6MTS

Hello Mark,

The guy in the video pulling the skins is an unknown person. Alex (my hiking buddy and co-worker and myself both used snow shoes. But there have been several touring-skiers in that area.
Was quite descent amount of snow in December compared to the previous year.

73 Joe