Activation Video 2019-02-23 OE/OO-062 Steineck

Hello everyone,

Went to Steineck, one of my most activated summits this time - new year new luck :grin:

Started with snow shoes but lost one connector pin about half way up. You can see the problem also in the video. Luckily I brought the micro-spickes. Temperature were just below zero so the snow was frozen very compact.
The views were amazing. The joy was a bit reduced as 20m was not opening for me today. Will need to bring 40m for that time. Heard Lars @SA4BLM but he disapearred in strong QSB just as I did for him.
But 9 QSO on 2m made it a great activation.

See for yourself:

73 de Joe


Great video as always Joe, what an amazing view!

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your kind feedback.
Was actually hoping to get a S2S with you in LZ but I guess I was too late that day.