Activation to F/MC183 Puy de Mur


yesterday 27/08/2020 I was able to go to Puy de Mur, which was about 40 minutes climb.
47 QSOs, too many answered CQs
FT817 5W, Lytionite battery and 60 40 30 20m jumper dipole

here are some photos

Cu next one


Wow, you carry a Bencher Paddle up a mountain!

I did the same on my very first activation! Unfortunately I damaged the Bencher in the rucksack on the way down. I replaced it with a light-weight paddle, which was later replaced with an even lighter touch-key paddle. If you use a Bencher you sure have potential to cut-down weight of your equipment!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

Hello Heinz,

I know :slight_smile: everyone comments me on the bencher, on facebook, on twitter hehehe

I have ordered this one:
still waiting for it to arrive. Let me know your suggestions regarding a good paddle ?
I had ordered an American Morse Equipment - Porta Paddle-II Precision Iambic Paddle Kit but they cancelled the order because shipping was not in good shape from US to EU.

73’s Filipe F4VPX CT1ILT

Hi Filipe,

From what I see in the link that you provided you have ordered a useful SOTA item and reasonably priced! Let us know how it handles once you tested it!

I have built a sensor paddle from a kit offered by QRP-Projects in Berlin, but this kit is no longer available. A similar kit is offered by EA3GCY here: CW Keyers - Página web de ea3gcy

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

Ok Heinz, I will let you know how the one I orderd works.

73’s cu soon from another SOTA

Hi Filipe,

Philip here G4OBK - same name different callsign hihi… I used the same Chrome Bencher as you to make contact on your recent activations (and a Radiosport boom mic headset on the two QSOs that were SSB!). My Bencher has completed over 30 years maintenance free service, the chrome is unblemished - (only used in shack and two DXpeds to SV5 and SV9 before SOTA) other than cleaning the points of dust with paper from time to time. I also have a black, used for VHF which is around 25 years old.

I was lucky to buy two of the German Palm twin paddle keys before the owner had to stop making them due to ill health. I haven’t heard anything more, but one hopes the two guys who ran the firm are well enough one day to restart manufacture as the keys are very popular with SOTA operators.

As a chaser I have enjoyed your recent F/MC activations, mostly late in the day when the EU activity has died away. Always worth checking SOTAWatch after the dinner. I am also like you, a fan of the link dipole on HF for SOTA activating.

See you soon,

Phil G4OBK

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Hi Phil,

This Bencher was a gift for passing my radio licence in 2002 (CT1ILT) from CT1ZW CT1CJJ and CT1EEB, in november it will be 18 Years old heh.

I will see how this venus paddle will go when it gets here.

Thanks for beeing there, I think I got you on all of them! I live right in the middle of all these F/MC, so it is easy for me to go after work. Unfortunately I am not able to make them during the morning because of work. Mornings only during weekends.

If rain stops, I might active 1 or 2 new ones that have never been activated before (F/MC255 and F/MC250)

See you soon buddy
73’s Filipe CT1ILT F4VPX

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