Activation spans 00:00 UTC

I did not find any topics on this.
Over the summer I activated 2 summits where on the single activation (visit) covered 2 days per UTC. My issue is on the activation I made 3 contacts before 0000 UTC and then 3 contacts after UTC, so 6 contacts total for that summit. I think I had to log it as 2 separate days and therefore received no credit for the summit. Is there a way to resolve this? Do I just enter it for one day even though it was technically the next day?
The other activation was the same deal except I make a lot more contacts so I got the points on the first half and after 0000 UTC I received no points, which I am fine with. Just seems odd.
What do others do that activate through 0000 UTC?


Actually it’s down to you. You can log it as two activations or one. It doesn’t really matter other than you may not get the points if you log it as two activations. And, if you do get the points, logging twice will lower your average points per summit.

I’d log it as one.

When this happens for me, I log as one day, and I put a note in the comments that reflects the actual UTC day. Of course on New Years, I am trying to get two separate activations (for the the price of one), so I will log as two activations assuming I have at least four contact on each side of 0000 UTC.

In VK land we have an un official SOTA party on our new years morning as roll over is around 10am ish in the differing local time zones. As long as the wx is not stinking hot its a great chance to make lots of S2S and give your faithful chasers double points. I try to go to a far flung 1 pointer that way I only have to visit it every 2 years. But yes It’s nice to qualify on both utc days that would be disappointing to have to split the qso’s to call it only one activation.
good luck
Ian vk5cz …

How the activator logs their activation is independent of how the chaser logs their’s. If an activator logs as one activation, with 3 QSO’s before 0000 UTC and three QSO’s after 0000 UTC, but as an example, one person called the activator before 0000 UTC and after 0000 UTC, as long as the chaser logs both as separate chases, the activator gets his (or her) points and the chaser gets his/her points.

Last New Years Eve (about 1600 L) I had 3 QSO’s before 0000 UTC and three QSO’s after 0000 UTC, but they were all the same stations. So no points for me on either UTC day.

That’s bad luck you had the same chasers both days.