Activation Report: Reisalpe, OE/NO-038 on "Vienna Sota Day"

Dear all,
Like every year also this year the Vienna Sota Day took place, of course with some restrictions. However there very many ham friends on the air, on summits and in the valleys. Please find a brief activation report here.
Hope to hear you on the bands!
73 de Alfred, OE1SQA.


Hello Alfred,

Thanks for our QSO yesterday. I need to enter all QSO to my logbook yet but I guess it was also around 45 in total including 20, 17 and 15m SSB. Almost 30 in 2m FM.

I was also using a selfmade 4el 1m Yagi 4-El.-2m-Yagi
on a lightweight carbon-fibre boom and 3D printed holders for 2,4 mm Aluminium welding rods.

Btw. from experience with a rollup J-Pole a lot is possible even without a Yagi: 275 km is my maximum distance there running 5 Watt. I guess a bit of Sporadic E was happening with a 57 report.

73 Joe


Thank you Joe for your reply and the hints!

Btw here my QSO map:

and Alfreds QSO map:

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Thank you, Joe, @OE5JFE! I didn’t know this option on! Thanks!

Hi Joe,

Your QSO map does not show our QSO, although it is in your log. I just checked. Is this a selection of some of your QSO’s?

I do show up in OE1SQA’s map though.

73 Heinz

Hi Heinz,

Strange, when I display the map our S2S QSO is shown on the map.
I remember that there was a issue that Andrew fixed but maybe there is still some bugs in that view.

73 Joe

Joe, do you know where this application takes the grid values from? XML via

As far as I know from
And of course the summit database and I think also for registered users from the GPS coordinates in the user profile.

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OK, thanks!