Activation report of DM/BW-852, Herrenwald

Hi everyone,

I just completed the activation report of DM/BW-852. It can be found on my Blog:

As always it was lots of fun. Thanks for the QSOs and cu from the next one.

73, Roman - DL3TU


Dear Roman,

thank´s a lot for the very interesting info and lovely pictures from your activation of the new one “DM/BW-852”.
Im autumn 2017 I checked (with sone other potencial mountains) the “Herrenwald” for a new SOTA-Reference on the basis of maps and it´s very nice to see now the “reality”!
In 2016 I visited the famous “Kornbühl” (886m, also known as the “Salmendinger Kapelle”), with a lovely clear few to the alps and only abt. 5 km north of “Herrenwald”, near to the road between Ringingen and Talheim.
But at this time “Herrenwald” wasn´t unrated for SOTA and i didn´t know anything about it.

I appreciate any pictures and info´s about the summits, car-parking, hiking-tours and so on about the new SOTA-References, added in end of 2017 and will request all activators for a similar info like yours!

73, de Gerhard, DL4TO

Dear Gerhard,

thanks for your annotation!
It must have been a huge effort to check whether “Herrenwald” meets the requirements, as it hasn’t got the shape of a “typical” summit (like e.g. Achalm, DM/BW-099) but is a large plateau with “Herrenwald” being the local maximum. Unfortunately it is completely covered with trees…
I would have loved to see “Kornbühl” being a SOTA- reference instead, because standing on top feels like being on a real mountain and it offers a great panoramic view as you have written. But some 30 metres are missing :wink:

So thanks again and cu from the next summit!
73, Roman - DL3TU

Many thanks for the excellent report Roman. Well done on achieving so many contacts from the wooded summit. I listened for you, but propagation did not seem to be good at the time and with all my neighbours being home because of the bad weather, there was a lot of noise on the bands.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Thanks, Gerald!
Sorry you couldn’t hear me through your local noise. According to the signal reports I received my signal wasn’t loud in the UK, about S3…S5 on both 30m and 40m.
With enough battery power left (if I do one activation on one day), I run 10 Watts output power usually. It helps being heard from all these wooded summits :wink:

Hope to cu next time!
73, Roman - DL3TU