Activation Report G/NP-006

Well was hoping to activate NP/-006 & NP/-007 today but no such luck, I was up at 0500hrs and on the road hoping to beat the WX that was coming down from the north but it beat me to it I had just got the four contacts when the heaven’s opened up, I didn’t mind the wind but the rain was bad so I just had to pack in.
The sigs were not bad coming in but Mike G4BLH said that my sigs were weak, no wounder with the WX the mist,wind and rain mist like pea soup, I didn’t do HF because of the wind you had all on to stand up never mind put the antenna up hi.
Well thanks to Mike G4BLH thanks for the spot, Alan M1DHA, Fred M3CTW/P in the lakes on holiday hope you had better weather Fred and Dave G6LBK.
I will go back and do that one again as it was a good walk up and the path was laid with the big slabs but very slippy under foot, I did not take any pictures on the summit because of the weather but did manage to take one or two on the way down.
The thing was I changed the day from Saturday to Sunday to see if I could get S2S with Klaus with his new antenna but then there is always another day, sorry to disappoint anyone who wanted the summits.


In reply to G0VWP:
Hi Terry,
no problem,we do our next s2s another time ! from my side also not so good qso-rates from 3 summits . 1 s2s with Steve on G/SP-011 . best band today was 30m for me. no qso´s on 20m-ssb. maybe propagation was not so good today, or my new short-antenna is no good idea, but easy to set up :wink: . all in all , most regulars in my log …

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to DF2GN:
Well you had a good day klaus hope to hear you on today, I have just been checking my 1/2 wave antenna I use on 2m on my pack and it seem’s I did have a falt on the coax so this was why I was not getting out so well, I had checked things the night before as well.

vy 73 Terry G0VWP