Activation Report G/NP-001 Cross Fell 24/07/20

Cross Fell (G/NP-001) has been on my list of hills since I first discovered SOTA. Usually I have had limited time and from memory I knew it was not a short walk. When part of the SRT in the ‘90s I remember walking up it in the dark to look for a missing walker. We searched Cross Fell until about 1AM and then spent a few hours in Greg’s Hut before starting again at 5AM. We found him, and he was airlifted off.  Anyway it is just as far as it used to be from Garrigill and I knew it was quite a walk.
Following the activation of Mickle Fell, or rather following the extended recovery from the walk I decided that some work had to be done on the weight of the bag. I removed the spare LiPo battery (400g), Internal battery from the FT 817 (250g ish), the plastic box containing various odds and sods was put into dry bags (another 200g), the speaker mike for the FT 270 (200g) and finally the “Slim Jim” ladder line 2m antenna (another 200g). This still gave me a full HF setup, and a 2m handheld with an RH-770 as a plan “B”.
By daughter and the dog were press ganged into action and we set off for the 40 min journey from home at about 8-30 AM in good weather. I am always slightly nervous about parking the car as not to upset any locals, and having parked, legally on the roadside I was asked to move the car and directed to another spot off the road. It appears the folk of Garrigill don’t make very good neighbours as when I got back to the car a rather angry man appeared asking why I parked in “His Spot” (Public Road) and didn’t seem particularly happy with the explanation… oh and the Pub was shut so not a good day in Garrigill
There is quite a sheepish climb out of the valley, but the estate have been very busy and the shooting track is now of excellent quality and it appears quite considerable length. image
I was still convinced from memory that Gregs hut (Bothy) was just around the corner, and although it is just around a corner it is one several km away.

The final part of the walk to the summit is rather steep and boggy as…

as a spring emerges under the path, but by lunchtime we were up on the summit. Set up nearish the trig point to leave the shelter for everyone else.

At the top the sun was out and there were brilliant views. Given the time of day I decided that despite the alert I set 40m might work better and I has some good inter G as well as European contacts. Thanks again to all the chasers.

( I also used the phone to do the logging (outdlog) - still can’t cope with glasses on a mountain so by increasing the text size and selecting bold all becomes clearish without needing a selfie stick to bring the phone into focus… )

I had a brief try on 2m before we started the descent, which has uneventful, and appeared to be even longer that it had been on the way up!

24hrs later I must admit that I still have a few aches, and the Woody (the dog that pulls ….) is jammed on the sofa not even trying to steal cat food.

Just like G/NP-002 I think that this is one hill that I won’t choose to walk up on the same route a second time, or at least until the legs are a bit less painful.

According to the watch – 24 km and 650m of climbing. So NP-001, NP-002 and NP-003 all done – Whernside next….

I am struggling to complete the last part of the report as I have been rather more careful with the packing but…

Mystery additional item … I could claim it is the sachet of cat food which is a summit treat for Woody but although unusual that was deliberate…

Essential Item cunningly left behind … probably a long cold drink and snack which should have been left in the car given the shut state of the hostelry.


Greg’s Hut - that brings back memories! John Gregory was a member of the Mercian Mountaineering club and was climbing in the Alps with other members when he fell to his death. His friends formed an association to rebuild that bothy in memory of him. His ice axe is in the possession of the club and is the basis of the club logo. I never met him, I joined some years later, but every year there were meets held at the bothy to keep it in good order, and collect litter from the summit.

I did it when it was snow covered at the top but from the other side. Starts of with a good track but turned into something horrible just before the ascent on to the top itself.

Path from Kirkland to Cross Fell March 2008.

Worse was climbing up to the flat top when there was snow covered boggy ground. I forgot my poles too so plenty of finding snow covered wet holes with my boots :frowning:

Seemed a bit easy for 11pts compared to GM summits ISTR but good fun. You had much better WX.

Thanks for the background info Brian on John Gregory. Terrible tragedy. I was at Greg’s Hut in 2013 with M0PYG, XYL and some friends. Its an impressive bothy considering its in England. Pics, rather personal but what the hell:

73 Phil

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14 years ago today, Jimmy M0HGY (then M3EYP) and me set off to walk the Pennine Way. Obviously, some days later that included an activation of Cross Fell G/NP-001 and then passing by Greg’s Hut. Here’s our photos of the bothy:

We’ve just been up today and activated the summit. We walked up from the Radar station, over great Dun fell and Little Dun Fell. Great walk but a bit boggy underfoot in places and the mist was against us when we set off. After setting up the radio and working a dozen or so stations the mist lifted and turned into a totally different day.

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Thanks fopr the report. Had I been a bit more organised today I would have tried to get a QSO… but missed the boat on that one. You had the shorter walk, but we had the better weather! Missed my best photo from yesterday - photogenic sheep!

From the summit of Shutlingsloe yesterday (halfway round a big circular walk with my XYL) - getting photobombed…

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