Activation Report G/LD-017 Red Screes

Well was up at 0400hrs and on the road by 0500hrs the roads were clear but did hit some heavy rain on the way over on the A65 but was in Amblside by 0745hrs and then up to Kirkstone Pass the cloud base was very low so did not hang around as the for-cast was for it to lift but this never happened at all in-fact it did get worse and the visibility got down to 2ft and so decided just to do 2M FM on the SOTA Beam as I had my youngest daughter with me and she was just stood around and getting colder by the minuet so I do apologize to you all for not doing the bands that I put on the spots but thought I would get her down ASP.

The trip down was very bad and took over an hour slippy and thick mist when back at the car we could not see the Inn from the car park there was people getting ready to go up they did ask me what it was like I did tell them and they did not go up.

Well thanks to the 9 contacts that I got so did qualify the summit and a big thanks to Dave GW3XRM for putting the spot on to say that no HF,I will do this one again as no photos was taken and would have liked some of the inn from of the side of the fell.


Thanks to all

Terry G0VWP

What is the approach from the Kirkstone Pass like? I heard that they were putting in a “staircase” right up this steep route a while back.

In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom
Well for 3/4? the way up they have laid the slabs as I call them down but they have a long way to go yet and the climb up is steep and the fastest way but very slippy when wet not to bad when going up but when cumming down you have to watch your footing Tom, will do this one again in the summer or when there is no cloud and mist about.