Activation report EA2/NV-037

Weather is getting worse nowadays in my region so I decided to try the Elomendi summit before snow makes it much more difficult.

Sky was clear yesterday morning and the ascent was fine.
After installing the fish pole vertical I heard OE5HCE/P and it was a pleasure to log first Christian on 20m and have this S2S as a starter.

I QSYed up and get on to log 57 qso, including two more S2S, EA2BSB/P, Santi (he wasn’t far from my position), and HA2PP/P Zoli a bit farther apart…

Then I switched to 10.108 MHz, but no way to log a single CW qso. Alter 15 minutes calling I moved to 7MHz, but the band was crowded with the F REF contest. I tried a bit more but again no chance.

I tried back on 10 & 14 MHz CW and finally logged 2 more qso. I was a little frustrated due to the lack of CW contacts and I missed to log some of the frequent chasers there but all in all, my notebook proved the summit was in many chaser’s log, and I started the descent in a bit hurry as I was feeling cold, and it starting to snow and darken.

It is curious; in some activations I feel it’s easier to work on SSB, then in some others no chance to get answers on my calls and only CW is posible… Do you have any similar experience?
After checking spots at SotaWatch, only spot for the 20m SSB was there; maybe a spot is vy important to focus chaser’s ears?

Now I can rest at home warm and start preparing my next summit…

Ignacio EA2BD

In reply to EA2BD:

Most CW chasers with one Rx will monitor 7032 KHz Ignacio, with regular checks on 10118 KHz and occasionally 14058. Any other freq is unlikely to be spotted. If you called for 15 minutes on 10108 KHz you will not have been heard.

An alert is invaluable to a chaser, even if the time is only very approximate.

Hope to hear you again soon


In reply to G4SSH:

GM dr Roy,

Tnx for explanation. I have to consider sending an sms spot next time as sometimes the typical freqs are in use and when moving too far away, as you said, you won’t be heard.

Hope to hear you soon, 73

In reply to EA2BD:
Thank you for the contact on 14MHz SSB Ignacio, i hope to work you again soon. You get your self warmed up.
Regards Nigel 2E0NHM 73.