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Activation Report BV/MI-025

BV/MI-025 “Kuan’s Blade Mountain” is named after its shape, which resembles the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, a legendary weapon wielded by general Kuan Yu in the 14th century Chinese historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

It is an easy 30-minute trail from the parking lot to the summit, I was able to make 7 contacts to Japan and 1 to New Zealand.


Nice activation report my friend, I can operate FT8 here as a chaser if I see a spot for FT8. If condx are good we may be able to work sometime. I have had good success using FT8 to Indonesia, Japan, Thailand & of course VK using a combination of a Vertical for 21mhz & and Doublet for 18mhz. These have been both good bands when open here. I will look for your call sign.

73’ Don GW0PLP