Activation Report: Baden Powell from Crystal Lake + Throop, Islip, Hawkins, Burnham Peaks

This was a +20mi out and back hike with 5,700’ of elevation gain, 8h:53m moving time, from Crystal Lake Recreation Area, Windy Gap Trailhead (TH). Adventure pass (or $5/day) required to park, no charge for day hiking. Range station and pit toilets near trail head. No AT&T cell service at the TH, and limited service on the ridge. Recommend printing paper maps, and planning ahead. Drank 4L of water before I returned, I should have had 0.5L more. One small trikling stream near the start, otherwise no flowing water to filter, and some snow still on Baden Powell. Wildflowers out in full force. Chipmonks, ground squirrels, lizards and forest birds abounded. Some shade, but you’ll need a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Made QSO’s (amateur radio contacts) with an Anytone 878 and 19" whip antenna. 7 QSO’s on Islip (W6/CT-010) 6 QSO’s on Throop (W6/CT-005), 5 QSOs on Baden Powell (W6/CT-004). Met a boyscout troop on Islip and 1 of the scouts was licensed.