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Activation Report: 5 GW-SW's


In reply to G4OIG:
Hi Gerald,

I just found this little gem hiding in the reflector. Slipped through my net, which in summer has a mesh-size the EU fishing regulator would be proud of.

You did FIVE! Terrific stuff. Bad about the rain but good that the Farmer was so helpful. We don’t get too many reports of agro with the public; most of the people I meet on the hills couldn’t be nicer.

You had a long 17 hour day but you only managed to fit it all in by good (and in this case flexible) planning. I assume you planned to be home as the last soap quit the screen. You were ‘one soap early.’ This problem needs your urgent attention! Perhaps a slightly later start time would remove any danger.

You seem to be a bit of a 70cm enthusiast. A 6-ely wouldn’t be too heavy. My son has an 18 that we take up once a year but it’s a bit unwieldy.

Please don’t mention multi-tasking-men on this reflector; my XYL looks at it sometimes. (Unfortunately, she’s learned how to ‘track me.’) If she sees that you can operate a radio and assemble an antenna simultaneously, she’ll have me washing up while dusting with one foot. They think we can only do one thing at once. Let’s keep it that way!

It seems Frank RMD had been practicing before he helped me last week. (Roy’s computer was defunct.) Frank did a great job.

Sincerely; well done on 5 in a day Gerald and an interesting report too.

Enjoy your Scottish trip. I’m certain you will but though they’re not yet really vicous, I can tell you that the midge season is underway early this year.

Take care up there, have fun but watch out for Hitmen & Elephants!
73, John.