Activation Party Plan

I am planning to organize a activation party with local OMs in order to promote SOTA in Taiwan.

Since we can only have one activator on each summit at a time, so this is the format I can think of for the event:

  1. Have each participant to pick a SOTA-listed summit beforehand.
  2. During certain period of time, carry out activation, chasing, s2s contacts.
  3. After the QSO, a coffee/buffet get-together and/or discussion.

Any ideas?

73 de BX2AFU

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It is a good idea. Perhaps activations can be pairs of operators, so each one has a helper to figure out logging, assemble the antenna etc. Have each op take it in turns to operate, or hand the mike over after each contact so the second op can make contacts. This works well if one is very experienced and the second person is less experienced.

SOTA does work well when a bunch of people know each other and are happy to chat about their experiences. We have done that in vk1 for some time - we have a few days each year when we have an activation QSO party, then meet for lunch afterwards.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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To echo Andrew’s comments it’s also a good for rolling “days of action” to have a theme - the recent one in VK1 was 6m. Personally I, and I know others, had not use this band before so it gave us a chance to build and test antennas together with the purpose of working during the day of action.

Hope to work you one day :smiley:

VK1MIC .com

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It is a good idea. I would like to go if there is such an event in a nearby mountain.
If timing matches, I will call from Japan.:slightly_smiling_face:

73 Aki JI3BAP