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Activation of W6/NC-516 Maguire Peaks and Video Feedback

Hey guys,

I made this video a while back. It’s been a little while since I’ve done an activation (couple of months), and I’ve been looking to get back to activating. I want to do videos for some of the activations, and I’m looking for feedback on what people would like to see in the videos.

What I think I should include in videos:

  • How I got there
  • My equipment setup
  • A little bit of the action (making contacts)
  • Verbal report of how it went
  • Miscellaneous useful info

Does anyone have insight on other things that would be interesting or useful? I don’t really want to bother editing videos if they’re not useful for people. :slight_smile:


Hi Rex -

There are some ideas for content of trip reports here: http://www.pnwsota.org/sites/pnwsota.org/files/downloads/K7ATN/PNW%20Newsletter%20Nov-Dec%202016_0.pdf.

I think you’ve the right idea with the “how you got there” part - that’s probably the most important, along with “what you found at the summit.” It’s also a nice idea to link your video or report to the SOTA summit database here: http://www.sota.org.uk/Summit/W6/NC-516.

(And do you perhaps need to upload your log? I don’t see your callsign listed…)

73, Etienne-K7ATN

Thanks for the feedback! Good stuff.

Yeah, I had a different callsign. I hadn’t gotten my Extra yet.

The scenery aspect?

So, show more of the scenery? I can definitely do that.