Activation of W4K/EC-001 and W4V/GC-001

On Monday 17 May 2021 I set out to do a large list of SOTA activations. I drove about 600 miles to my first Summit, even though I passed a bunch of Summits on my way. I wanted to get multiple associations done.

I used exit 17 off of I-81, onto HWY 58 and followed the directions on Maps to the summit GPS Coordinates. Once you turn off the main road to go up to the AZ, the road is not maintained. Here is the video of the activations after the QSOs I show the road around 9:40.

After that I then used the Summit GPS Coordinates to W4V/GC-001 since it took about an hour to get there it was dark. I didn’t get much footage at this summit, but I did get 17 QSOs in the log.

Both locations I used my KM4ACK EFHW, setup in an NVIS configuration. At W4K/EC-001 most of the wire was about 6’5” off the ground. Then at W4V/GC-001 NVIS again, the wire winder was actually partly pushed in the ground. Then the wire was about 5’ off the ground or so but not totally sure. Radios used were FT857D with LDG YT100 @ 50watts for (SSB) 80 , 40 , 20 Meters. FT60R @ 50Watts on 2M FM.


My First Two Summits On the Air , W4K/EC-001 and W4V/GC-001


Great work! I was on both of those summits a few weeks ago. I found that standing in that tower on High Knob makes for some interesting audio effects on TX. I moved outside of it so make a transatlantic satellite QSO with G0ABI on AO-7.

Keep it up!

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Nice, yeah in the video you can hear the echo. I can only imagine what that sounds like on the other side. I haven’t gotten into Satellites yet, maybe I should build an antenna for that.

Hello Beau, congratulations on your successful activation’s and your great video.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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