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Activation of three OH/JS peaks on following days

Hi all fellow SOTA people, just a quick notice about upcoming activity in Finland.

I and Jaakko OH6FQI have planned an activation of three summits on Thursday and Friday. The peaks involved are in order:
OH/JS-024 Katajamäki (Thu-day)
OH/JS-003 Pölönmäki (Thu-evening, Fri-morning, we’ll camp on the top of this summit)
OH/JS-039 Väisälänmäki (Fri-day)

The summits are located in Northern Savonia which is about 200 kilometers away from our home city. We will travel to the area (Lapinlahti town) by car and take our bicycles with us and use them to reach the peaks once we are close enough. The whole trip in the area with bicycles is about 75 kilometers so there are many things that can go wrong (hi) and because of the complicated journey the exact QRV time is quite hard to estimate. Some intentions are shown on the list above. We’ll try to post alerts and self-spot ourselves when we have some insight about the exact schedule. We’re supposed to hit the road no later than 1000 local time (+3 hours GMT).

As equipment we are taking an FT-817 (5 watts, HF), dipole antenna and VUHF handhelds. Planned bands and modes are:
2 meters FM (145.500 MHz)
20 meters CW (around 14.040) and SSB (~14.270)
30 meters CW (~10.120)
80 meters SSB (~3.685)

Let’s hope everything goes well and the sky won’t fall on our heads!
Antti OH6FME