Activation of SV/AG-028 Profitis Illias, Sifnos

Just a quick report as I am still on holiday.

This is the second time I have activated Profits Illias on the Island of Sifnos in the Aegean: I activated it for the first time in June 2015. Based on last year’s activation, I left a lot earlier this time in order to be at the top by 10:00 local. I’m glad I did as the area where I operated was still in the shade offered by the monastery.

I found a better area to operate from this year, still close to the trig pillar but clear enough to set up the 20/30/40 Linked Dipole on the short travel mast that I use when flying. Very quiet location, RF-wise, and with good 4G access for spotting etc. A bit windy though, so I couldn’t use VOX. This tripped me up a few times as I had to use the manual PTT on the KX3 with my Plantronics foldable headset. I need to find a way to integrate a PTT in the headset.

Started initially on 40m and made three local contacts. Then switched to 20m and did another 15 or so before traffic petered out. I then spent some time trying to join a few conversations, but with only 5W I wasn’t hacking it.

I closed down at 11:00 local and made my way back down for a shower and a nice cool Vergina. I’ll upload the log when I get back to the UK.

Thanks to everybody who helped me activate AG-028 again. I was hoping to activate AG-029 on Kimolos and AG-030 on Milos on this trip, but they will have to wait for another trip. We’ll almost certainly be back next year.

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Nice :slight_smile: !