Activation of OZ/OZ-012 and 008

Activated OZ/OZ-012 yesterday and OZ/OZ-008 today. Yesterday was nice, wx was good, landed 13 qso’s in 30 minutes on 20&10m, tuning my GP with the T1 tuner. I even got to try out my newly built DC-DC converter, worked fine, no noise.

Today was different: rain and windy, sat in the car waiting for a while for the reain to pass (radar pictures said it would), then, getting restless, I ended up walking the 15 minutes to the summit. Managed to set up the antenna and get the radio gear somewhat out of the rain, although not quite, as the picture shows. 4 qso’s in 5 minutes, this time straight on 8xAA batteries, no DC-DC converter, I needed in and out fast.
SM and LA hams will recgonize the small round box next to the paddles :wink:

Now all my gear is spread across the living room floor to dry up :wink:

73 and thank you for the contacts!