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Activation of OY/OY-100 today

Sorry for the confusion today. My activation was the OY/OY-100. My alert was wrong. Because of the weather I decided to change the summit and there was no mobile internet possible.

73 de HB9GKR Ralf

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Great to get you in the log on 2 summits, OY Sota was a new one for me. Many thanks for your efforts.

73’ Don GW0PLP.

Great to get you on OY-001 today Ralf. I had to look OY up - a first for me! Thanks

Hi Ralf,

i tried to call you several times for a S2S-qso today (04/08/2018) but it seems that you did not hear me … it would have been my first OY-SOTA-QSO!

73 Martin, OE5REO

I heard once a OE5 Station calling me and i called you, but a OK station answered and after working the Station you were gone. Sorry for it.

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