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Activation of OE/TI-382, Hahnleskopf - still very

still very winterlike…

Hi everybody,

today I was in company of my xyl Rosi, we started our ascent in the small village of Kaisers, Lech valley. Regarding wx, the first hour looked somewhat promising but it started to rain before we reached the summit, it was very windy, too. This time I was carrying a tarp in my rucksack and building a wind- and rainshield was the first action on the summit today. After a long time, I had my IC706 and a 16Ah SLAB with me, so I was able to provide “qro”, about 35W of output on 40m and 50W on 30m lateron. We really would have loved a longer stay on the summit, but it was getting too cold, again the wx became the limiting factor. Many thanks to all callers!

73 Bernhard DL4CW