Activation of OE/OO-119, Göbelberg

Thanks to all stations who had the patience to work me today during my OO-119 activation on 30m.

It was cold and rainy in the morning. I left anyway, in hope that it would clear up. Göblberg (801m)is more of a walk through forests, rather than a mountain tour and can be accomplished even when the weather is less than ideal. I set up a few hundred meters south to the summit to avoid hikers and horseback riders, who are plenty there (even when the weather is bad). After working the local guys on our Sunday morning 28MHz SSB net I moved to 30m CW after receiving a warning how dismal 40m would be, because of a contest.

I guess that all the usual suspects had moved from 7.032 to 10.118 or thereabouts. I heard one other SOTA, but could not establish contact in a S2S attempt. I then cq’ed on 10.118.5 between a OK/DL… and an SM3 (non-SOTA) with no success. I moved then to 10.119 and spoted myself with my UMTS phone (something I try to avoid by all means and use only as last resort). I immediately produced a massive pile-up with which I could not cope. Sorry, about that guys! My FT-817 made only squeaky noises, even with the attenuator kicked in. It was really hard to pull callsigns out. I gave up after a few QSO’s. Besides this it also had started raining again and I called it quits.

Now that I know the trail and a good place to park the car I definetly will be back on Göblberg next summer.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP