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Activation of LA/RL-297 Gubdbrandsfjellet

Today was the last day of my vacation, and the WX was lovely, so I decided to finally take the trip to Gubdbrandsfjellet. I had heard many nice things about this summit from colleagues, which is about 30 minutes drive from my home.

This summit had an elevation of 292 meters, starting at approximately 132 meters. The trip up took about 1 hour, with a clearly labeled path all the way from the parking lot.

Elevation plot

The first part went through a birch forest, before transitioning to mountain terrain.

Beautiful birch forest

There were two paths to the top, one labeled “Shortest - steepest”, the other “Longer - easier”. I chose the shortest part today.

Sign showing which part is easier and which is shorter

Nearing the top the forests thinned out, before disappearing totally. This gave a beautiful view of the sorrounding mountains and fjords.

View near the summit towards Boknafjorden and Stavanger

I rigged up my gear and started the activation. My first QSO was on 70CM with LB8IG, and I then went on to do 20 meter activations. The band was filled with QRN today, and the S-level was at times up to 5, which is uncommon very far from populations. Luckily it died down, and I was able to get a total of 71 QSO’s, 4 of which were DX, with the furthest being in Japan.

QSO map from QSOmap.org

Thanks to all chasers!


With 2m your frekvens do you use?

I use 145.550 primarily, and then 145.500. Unless noone knows you’re there you are probably not going to get any response… The same goes for 433.500

To get the 70cm QSO I had to turn off squelch to hear the other person, the signal was that weak… and that was only 22 kilometers, with line of sight.