Activation of I/AA-303 on Saturday no cellphone data

It appears that data over the cell network does not work in the area around Puflatsch if one is roaming. So I would appreciate if anyone who hears me on Saturday spots me on SOTAwatch. I will try to spot via SMS.
Activation of I/AA-303 is planned to start on 20m (14.285) from 0800 UTC on 4/10/14.
Tnx & 73 Ed DD5LP
PS Puflatsch is the German name for Monte Bullacia.
PPS SMS appears to work, so should be able to self spot on Sat but wont see other activator spots.

Hi Ed,
hopefully I will be set up by that time.
I will be activating Mt Taylor VK6/SW-063 in Gull Rock NP VKFF-644 for about 18 Hrs (0800 4/10/14 - 0200 5/10/14).
I will be only running 20-25W for battery conservation.
Hope to speak to you.

73 Mike VK6MB

Hi Mike, as it turned out cnditions were not with me. But I did manage to fix the data roaming. After having to do a factory reset due to a rogue Android app, the default setting (on my phone) is not to allow data roaming. It’s a couple of years since I started using the phone, so I had forgotten all about this setting but luckily found it on the Friday evening before the activation.

Full report as usual on (or if you prefer - both route to the same place).

73 Ed.