Activation of GW/NW-063

Hello All

Thank you all chasers for the contact when I was on NW-063 and all Activators who did S2S with me. A big Thank goes to AE4FZ who is my first ever NA contact in wales /P and anther big thanks goes to MW3RNI who is my first ever top band 1.8 on the mode AM.I had 41 contacts for the day on these bands.

160m 1-AM GW
40m 17-ssb PA,GW,HB,ON,EA1,G,GM
20m 19-ssb GW,CT,CU3,OM,W,OK,I,EA1,EA2,EA4,EA5,EA7
17m 2-ssb GW,EA7,
2M 2-FM GW