Activation of GW/NW-002

My apologies to the chasers during my activation of Carnedd Llewelyn last week. This had been my third activation of the hill and was set to be my first on CW. During my previous activations the wind had proven too strong to erect the mast so I was back on the mountain for a bit of CW. To put the day in context I left Chester at 0630 with boots on the ground at 0815, the ascent time was 2 3/4hr. I expected a similar descent time, so not a lot of spare daylight for operating or fiddling with aerials.

On 40m the activation went smoothly until 1147 when a peg securing the mast decided to detached itself from the stony mountain surface and as the mast was taken over by gravity, it hit me on the back of the neck! The ensuing tangle of wires, poles and cords plus a band change to 30m took until 1220. Then at 1235 the unpleasant misty rain sneakily changed to wind blown sleet and my key-hand siezed up (I blame old age and too many fatty pies in my youth). So enough was enough, I gave my apologies on air and stowed the gear in less than a neat and tidy fashion.

As I descended in thick mist and sleet, those fine words from SK G0KJW were ringing in my head.


Sorry Eric and of course the remaining chasers, including a /P. I hope you understand, just this once!

PS. As a solo walker, yes I did use my GPS to aid my decent, following my ascent log in thick mist out towards the north. My route was largely without paths, rotated 120 degrees clockwise and went between two large craggy buttresses both waiting patiently to catch the unwitting.

David G0EVV


Thanks Dave,
An exciting and inspiring read. That’s a big one to be doing at this time of year and you can’t get worse than sleet or cold rain. Better off with snow I think. Radio had to be put aside; getting down ASAP being the priority. The right decision without doubt!
73, John

Hi David
Thanks very much for putting on this one and glad you returned safely!