Activation in VK9 Norfolk Island late May 2016

Given the deteriorating radio and weather conditions here, and the fact that it is very unlikely that there will be anyone out on Mount Bates (Norfolk Island) as the Long Path time would clash with the final evening meal together of the WIA AGM weekend, I have canceled my planned activation of Irschenhausen and deleted my alert.

The weather forecast here is not good for next week either but as we approach the “Ham Radio” event in Friedrichshafen, the weather normally improves, so here’s hoping I’ll be out on a summit somewhere (possibly even a new one for me) in the next couple of weeks.


Hi all,

Well the WIA AGM has been held and Mt Bates activated by at least 8 VKs. My logs are in the database and my notes for summit access on Not that it is likely anyone would get lost walking to the summit using just the basic tourist map, but it does help me if I have some info on the summit before I set out so maybe the next new activator will find something useful there.

Thanks to all who listened out for me and to those who struggled through my CW. I blame my brain, a dodgy dot paddle and arthritis in that order.

BTW. Administrative arrangements for Norfolk Island change on 1 July 2016 so VK’s may find it easier to travel there, not that it is difficult now. Every VK should visit at least once.