Activation help

Hello, once I get 4 contacts on a summit, how do I activate it? This is my first SOTA and I am still learning the ropes.



Technically you have activated it already with one single QSO. But I guess you are refering to collecting points:

If you have not created an account for the sota database or via the SSO system:

SOTA Database

And fill in all your details.

and so on…

Callsign is your normal callsign. This is your actual main callsign (at your home QTH). If you are using different callsigns (like in other countries) for activations this stays unchanged. The used callsign during the activation is part of each activation details.

Then login with that account to
This should be best done on a desktop browser. Mobile browsers sometimes struggle with the page.

And select the ‘Submit logs’ options from the menu.

Either enter logs via the webform (Submit Activatior Entry)
or use the SOTA specific csv or a standard ADIF in case your logging software can export it.

Hope that helps?
73 Joe


Hi Joe, your advice will be very helpful for Jack, very thoughtful.

73 de Geoff vk3sq