Activation HB/ZH-019 with bicycle, 18/05/2015

Here my tour with my bicycle to activate ZH/HB-019

enjoy it, 73 Peter

In reply to HB9CMI:
Great video Peter one thing I noticed if you ride a bike that direction in Australia you would be run over by on coming traffic . It is funny for me to see you riding on the "wrong " side of the road.
take care de ian vk5cz …

In reply to VK5CZ:
Hi Peter

I enjoyed the video. It is always good to see what it is like on the summits. Can you tell me what kind of video camera you are using please?

Nick G4OOE

In reply to HB9CMI:
Hi Peter, Nice to see the operator. I guess you’re riding an electrical bicycle? Am I wrong? 73 Gerald and see you on S2S.

In Europe, expect in Great Britain, the right side is the right side to drive hihi ;-))
73, Peter

In reply to VK5CZ: For this video i used the Contour +2 (Helmet camara, mounted on the Bicycle. →
73 de Peter

In reply to F6HBI:
No Gerald, this is a conventional bicycle without electrical help. I’m to young (59) for that ;-))
73 de Peter

For all chasers, from next week, beginning 29.5., i will drive again for 4 weeks to Spain (EA) with my caravan. There i espext to activate some Summits, depending on weather, temperature and region. Decision locally.
I’m glad to contact you on HF.
73 de Peter

In reply to HB9CMI:

Good to see another bicycle activator out there Peter!

Vy 73 Richard
G 3 C W I